The world’s leading turbulence and auto-PIREPs data source

Improve safety and operational efficiency with real-time turbulence information by automatically sensing and sharing accurate, aircraft behaviour via the iPad

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Turbulence is the most common airline accident type today and it’s time we reduce turbulence-related injuries.

NTSB acting Chairman Bruce Landsberg

Our unique value proposition

Improve safety & reduce cost

Reduce injuries

By receiving real-time notifications on turbulence ahead and other automated PIREPS, flight-deck crew can make educated decisions on how to ensure aircraft and cabin safety

Optimize Maintenance

It is no longer a subjective report. With objective, real-time, measured observations, maintenance can substantiate exact turbulence recorded and determine the precise action required, thus eliminating unnecessary inspection

Reduce fuel consumption

Skypath allows pilots to safely navigate rapidly emerging turbulence situations. Significant costs may be avoided in efficient dispatch routing, loading contingency fuel decisions and reduced inflight altitude adjustments


How It Works?

iPad accelerometer

SkyPath records iPad raw accelerometer data. The system patented algorithm smartly distinguishes turbulence signals from noise.

SkyPath servers

Servers apply noise filtering, aircraft type normalization and AI to create a real time turbulence map

Data layer

Data layer is distributed to the SkyPath ecosystem and service consumers


Annual recorded
turbulence reports


Annual pilot



SkyPath is an ecosystem

As an app, web, or integrated to other common platforms via REST APIs and SDK


Stand alone app with real time turbulence reports, PIREPs and on route vocal and visual notifications. The data is also available as a layer for display in 3rd party applications using an SDK


End to end web platform for dispatchers with the most powerful tool for real-time turbulence data and PIREPs. Track your flight routes, get alerts to any channel (MS teams or Slack) and playback to investigate past scenarios


A comprehensive analytics report and BI dashboard view. Quickly answer questions such as how many turbulence events your fleet encountered, or how many pilots acted upon an alert and prevented an injury

What pilots say about SkyPath

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