SkyPath for Dispatchers

Improve route planning capabilities and streamline route monitoring with our dedicated dispatchers’ web platform.

Flight Monitoring

  • Use the desk ID integration to load and monitor your individual desk.
  • Customize the map layer to display only the flights that you are interested in.

Flight Desk View

Utilize the desk view to monitor your flights and anticipate any upcoming turbulence along their routes.

Turbulence Notifications

Stay informed regarding upcoming turbulence for your flights by either using the notification bar or receiving notifications through various channels such as MS Teams or Slack.


Plan the safest flight routes using the most accurate turbulence and PIREP information available. Monitor flight paths and receive notifications regarding upcoming turbulence.


Equipping Dispatchers with essential turbulence and PIREP data enables efficient route planning, minimizes real-time flight plan adjustments, and reduces unnecessary fuel consumption.


SkyPath seamlessly integrates into operations, allowing dispatchers to utilize it effortlessly—no complex setups or training needed.