SkyPath for Pilots

Elevate pilot capabilities with up-to-the-minute turbulence and PIREP insights, granting pilots the power to navigate flights with informed confidence.

Fly Safer, Fly Smarter- it’s Simple!

Check out our demo movie to see how simple it is to use SkyPath onboard.

Turbulence Map

Hexagons are color-coded to indicate the severity of turbulence, with yellow representing light, orange for moderate, and red signifying severe turbulence. The Altitude slider allows you to select the altitudes over which you want information displayed.

Ride Quality

After a flight plan is uploaded, SkyPath conducts a route analysis to provide insights into the Quality of Ride: Calm, Choppy, or Occasional Rough. Use the Vertical View to anticipate turbulence along the route, identifying both its location and altitude. This enables proactive planning for any challenges that may arise.

Turbulence Notification

When a turbulence is detected within the 'danger zone', both Written and Vocal Notifications will be promptly dispatched, even if you are using another app on the iPad at that time.


You can manually report any weather phenomena along your flight. For CB or Lightning CB, utilize the Radar View to simply drag and drop the corresponding icon.


Take care of your flight crews and passengers by giving pilots the most accurate turbulence and PIREP information available to make the best decisions in the cockpit.


Assist your flight crew in efficiently managing service time throughout the flight. Strategize for the most seamless service phases. Provide passengers with advance notice regarding turbulent segments, enabling them to plan ahead effectively.


SkyPath seamlessly integrates into operations, allowing pilots to utilize the app effortlessly—no complex setups or training needed. Just download the app and make impactful decisions.

Get SkyPath either as a standalone native app or as an integrated layer within your existing EFB app